Creative Workshop with Canva for Santri as Information Media


Kata Kunci:

TPA/Majelis Ta’lim Faizul Haq, Canva, Teknologi


The Congregation of the Faizul Haq Ta'lim Assembly is an assembly that often holds religious activities. There are members of this assembly who are children, teenagers, or the elderly. This assembly is currently experiencing a decrease in congregation as a result of the epidemic that has spread in recent years, resulting in less da'wah being conveyed to the congregation. This assembly organizes a lot of religious activities and often uses brochures or posters to disseminate information about its activities so that they are known to its congregation or the general public. It should also be noted that the congregation or the management of this assembly do not yet have qualified skills in the field of graphic design. To assist in overcoming these problems, the tutorial method, the question-and-answer method, and the practical method are used in this community service with the aim of increasing the skills and insights of the congregation in the field of graphic design. The results obtained from this community service activity are that the congregation is able to make advertisements in the form of brochures and posters independently for the dissemination of the activities it organizes.




Cara Mengutip

Santoso, T., SW, S., Syahriani, S., & Dwi Praba, A. (2023). Creative Workshop with Canva for Santri as Information Media. Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Sekitar, 1(1), 1–10. Diambil dari